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The Little Yoga House needs YOUR HELP to bring FlyKids aerial yoga to Austin!

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Namaste! We are Austin's first KIDS ONLY yoga studio & preschool!

Our boutique studio offers a variety of programs for infants through teenagers with a specific focus on healthy child development through yoga, music, dance, art and nature. The goal of our program is to empower our yogis to feel strong, confident, and aware - both on and off the mat! Having FUN is key in each and every one of our classes, so we invite you to hop on the yoga train and come explore with us!


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Want to be a permanent part of our new aerial yoga studio? The first ten donors to donate $500 or more to our FlyKids fundraising campaign will have an aerial hammock in our new studio named after them to show how grateful we are of your generosity! Hop on over to our FlyKids Aerial Yoga Fundraiser page to learn more about aerial yoga for kids and donate today to help us make our dreams into reality! #aerialyogaforkids #FlyKids #thelittleyogahouse

Spread Your Wings and Fly With Us!

Check out our campaign and see how you can help!

Only 17 days left in our FlyKids Aerial Yoga Fundraiser Campaign! Visit our fundraiser page today to learn more about all the amazing benefits aerial yoga has on children. Not only will your donations go towards helping us get our second studio up and running, but they will also help us provide low-cost classes and scholarships for families in the Austin community! Help us help Austin kids through aerial yoga and donate today!

We are 22% funded with 19 more days to go!! Big thanks to Shaela McCarley, Adriana Henriquez, Lisa Battjes, Kirby Schulman, Liel Navon, Monica Flamini, Yil Lephers, Laura VanDenBergh, Nano Witman, John Witson, Jessica & Jeff Scott, Robby King, Brendan Moore, Jennifer Galaradi, Jordan & Chris Fronk, Stephanie & Aaron Wiernik, Dana Houghton, Robyn Lane, Peter & Raquel Aivars, Vicky/Phil Romero/Tuttle, Karen Storthz & Danny Smith!

Spread Your Wings and Fly With Us!

Check out our campaign and see how you can help!

Aerial yoga has so many amazing and therapeutic benefits for children. Here are just a few: - Aids in stimulation of the sensory system - Aids in body awareness - Aids in social and emotional developments - Aids in self regulation - The constant motion of aerial yoga signals receptors in the brain that help with memory retention and focus - The hammock’s cocoon-like position provides a contained space for deep relaxation Visit our fundraiser page to learn more about our FlyKids Aerial Yoga program and donate today to help us bring this incredible program to the Austin community!

What are you up to this weekend yogis? You can catch Abby TWICE this weekend for family yoga :) Tomorrow's schedule: 9:30 Toddler Yoga 10:15 Flow Yoga w/ infants to waddlers 11:30 Family Yoga (ages 4+) Sunday: 11:00 Free family yoga at Woolridge Park