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Mom Moment: Awaken Purpose, Passion & Play :June 10:

What nourishes you, Mama? What is the source of your flow? In the safe, sacred and supportive space of this workshop you will learn and practice 3 steps to awaken purpose, passion and play in any moment! Let go of stress and turn on your flow. Moms need to play too! Join us for this fun, meditative and transformational experience to rejuvenate and empower you as a mom and as a soulful woman. Moms are the source, the fountain of life, that nourishes the whole family. Give yourself and your family this gift of nourishing your self.

This workshop is created and led by Kayla Yoder - mother, lifelong yogi, Reiki healer and empowerment coach for moms. Kayla has been learning and practicing transformational work for over 18 years. Her approach to helping others centers around guiding soulful reflection, playful embodiment, authentic communication, and building trust and partnership with the divine voice inside of you.

Date: June 10

Time: 2-4

Cost: $40 cost includes sacred candle and stone to take home for personal use *early bird $30 by May 10*