Good Guy Yoga (Boys' Empowerment Ages 8-12) :May 27:

As a studio specializing in Kids and Family yoga for many years, we have been so grateful to bring yoga to so many friends! But there is one undeniable truth when it comes to yoga: you see many more girls than boys. This trend often follows all the way through the industry into adult yoga classes, and we have decided to see if we can remedy that stereotype. In our first ever boys only yoga class, we will be exploring aspects of strength and focus in body and breath as well as offering tools for young men to develop into the great guys we know they're meant to be! This workshop will be lead by David Russell who has been working with youth empowerment for years and is a regular teacher here at TLYH.

Date: May 27

Time: Noon-1:15

Cost: $30

Ages: 8-12 year old boys