Blissful Babes Infant Massage Workshop :February 25:

Witness the emergence of your child's understanding of her/his body and his/her place in the world through the exploration of movement and touch. Infant Massage can provide the medium to strengthen your connection with your baby.

During this class, you will learn:

• How to watch your baby's "readiness" cues

• General massage techniques for infants, as well as specific techniques that ease common discomforts

• Ways to incorporate massage routines

The experiences during infancy can impact your baby's lifelong physical, emotional, and intellectual patterns.

You can play a compassionate, interactive and positive role in your baby's development.

Embrace this tender time by offering a safe space for bonding and communication beyond words.

Each family receives a handbook and massage oil.

About the Instructor

A Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Instructor, Stacy Wooster has been working with pregnancy, birth, and infancy since 2002. This Infant Massage Workshop has been a Finalist in the Austin Birth Awards (2013) and Stacy has been interviewed on the health and wellness segment of Kiii- Corpus News for her work with infant massage (2009). As a mother of 3 herself, she knows the sweetness and effectiveness of this work.

Date: Sunday, February 25

Time: 2-3:15

Cost: $40 for adult/baby ($10 for additional care giver)