Kids Aerial Yoga

What is Kids Aerial Yoga?

Kids Aerial Yoga is our newest program that integrates aerial arts with kids yoga. It incorporates fun mindful movement up in the air with a twist! The twist, you might be wondering, is the incredible therapeutic and sensory benefits the kids are receiving all while having fun and strengthening their minds and bodies. Yoga in the aerial hammocks is a whole new experience and is a great tool to aid in stimulating the sensory system, body awareness, social and emotional needs, and self regulation. Each week the kids will build upon the previous week, learning new poses, mindfulness techniques, breathing tools and creative ways to practice yoga in the hammocks. In each class students will have a chance to spend one-on-one time with the instructor to aid them in their specific needs.

We are excited to announce our new affiliation with Yogapeutics and will be offering their amazing curriculum with our students this Fall!

What are some of the benefits of aerial yoga for kids?

  • The vestibular system* is activated the entire time one is suspended in the hammock. The amount and intensity of the vestibular input is variable, and controlled by the child, depending on the sensory needs at that moment.
  • The body receives an incredible dose of full body proprioception while different muscles are engaged in different poses. Additional proprioception is also achieved through ongoing joint compression and traction.
  • The use of the suspended hammock allows for an excellent opportunity to place the spine in traction.
  • Full body deep pressure touch is ongoing and variable depending on the position in the hammock. One can also simply get cozy in the hammock for a nice calming and soothing dose of full body deep pressure touch in full flexion.
  • Body awareness, body in space, and motor planning are facilitated and promoted while engaged in the poses.
  • Prone extension and full body flexion body sensorimotor positions are used throughout the activities.

New 13 Week Series begin January 8, 2018!

Spring 2017 Yogapeutics Aerial Yoga: Un-selfie! Growing up Mindful with Essential Social and Self Awareness for Today's Kids & Teens. These classes offer aerial yoga instruction with integrated and experiential lessons on mindfulness, social & emotional learning, empathy, self-awareness, stress-management and tools to manage healthy social awareness, friendships, and today's social challenges so that students can flourish in school and life! Each week this semester, we will practice a challenging sequence (brain challenge), learn a new aerial yoga challenge pose, discuss and play with a mindfulness theme for the week, and utilize aerial yoga and mindfulness as a means to practice mindful social self-awareness skills and tools to interact in healthy ways with others. Tuition is $350 per child, no makeups or drop-ins are available. Classes are separated by age group & class level.

Mondays :Level 1 4 - 4:50 : Level 3 5 - 5:50 : Tween/Teen 6-7 :

Tuesdays :Level 2 4 - 4:50 : Level 1 5 - 5:50 :

Wednesday :Level 1 4 - 4:50 : Level 2 5 - 5:50 : Tween/Teen 6 - 7 :

Thursdays :Level 2 4:30 - 5:20 : Level 3 5:30 - 6:20 :